Hydraulic Disk Brake Kit - HD M285
Hydraulic Disk Brake Kit - HD M285

Hydraulic Disk Brake Kit - HD M285

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“EZ-Plug in Caliper” system makes it easy for routing the hydro hose through the stem and fork tube. The caliper and lever come plugged for installation on the
trike, once installed just remove the plugs, join the hose to the handle and away you go.

  • 160mm Stainless Steel Rotor
  • Forged alloy Dual piston Caliper and hose (pre-bled)
  • 2 finger lever with reach adjustment
  • Pair of organic pads (pre-fitted)
  • All mounting hardware included

Lightweight and powerful braking is what you need and the new HD-M285 delivers just that. Featuring dual piston caliper, easy installation through stem and
fork for endless bar spins with no excess hose out front. Maintenance is super easy too with a top loading quick change
pad system.

2 x fully assembles wheels

  • P.P Slicks
  • Hubs
  • 15mm bearings and internal spacers
  • Fasteners

Note:After market 12mm bearing will also fit into these wheels to support early triad models and some generic trike axles

2017 Triad 49’er wheels have been revamped and upgraded for the bigger bearings used on the new 15mm wider axles.

49’er wheel was the first purpose built drift trike wheel and its interchangeable slick changed the sport allowing multiple compounds to suit the riders ability and sliding conditions. Durability has been proven with its light weight, cost effectiveness and adaptability to home made trikes.